Now Is the Right Moment!

I have been wanting to blog since a very long time but have been putting it of for someday in the near future. And that near future kept dwindling farther and farther away from my conscious thoughts. Perhaps the fear of putting myself out there makes the the concept of ‘Someday’ a brighter option. However, today I have decided to dive right into it because I have realised that someday will never materialise unless I grab this moment today.

We find ourselves perpetually playing the waiting game. Hoping that something or someone will deliver us from our suffering which is most often self-inflicted by our non-enterprising disposition. We are irresolute in terms of everything except for waiting for that opportune moment when everything shall magically fall in place, and until that happens the plot of our life will not develop.

We keep waiting for something or someone to kick-start our life. It could be an event, a fortunate circumstance, a special person or divine intervention that could activate our stagnant state. Ridiculous as it might seem, we are completely happy to wait, after all it saves us the trouble of facing our fears and trying to take that first fumbling step into independent action.

Time of course flows rapidly in contrast to the frustrating futility of our indolence, and because we have decided to stay in this vacuum, time flows right out of our grasp. We fail to benefit from its movement which could have led us to ascend in the journey of our life.

We tend to put forth endless excuses for not doing something and the vice of procrastination embeds deeper into our consciousness. That supposedly right time might never arrive and the opportunity to live our life fully will get lost forever. We forget that we have to bring that moment to life. We ought to take prompt action, make that tough decision, take that daring risk, and just jump on that dreamboat and sail off. Sometimes you have to grab that shy dream by the lapels and pull it centre stage.

WE HAVE TODAY! Tomorrow is a beautiful possibility, but this moment right now is PERFECT. It is just the time to unveil that dream and let it soak the radiant sunlight. It deserves the light of realisation. Give it a chance. Give yourself a chance!

It does not have to be a groundbreaking idea or a fantastically marvellous project. Something big, something small, something crazy, something droll……just get on with it. We can set it in motion today itself and that will be quite an achievement.

Perhaps you want to campaign for a cause, apply in a prestigious institution, write a book, discuss a business plan with a financier, get a makeover or maybe just learn to roller skate. Do it now. There is no better time for it. Make it happen, even divine intervention favours the diligent go getter.

The tendency to procrastinate takes away the strength of initiative and the lustre of spontaneity. Embrace your fear with hope, it could be a propelling factor; springing all senses to action and igniting the primitive survival instinct. We could either be out there testing our wings in the wide blue skies, or cooped up safe and unruffled in our comfy nesting. The choice to soar and strive, to dive deep and survive should be ours. We have to take that decision because NOW is that PERFECTLY RIGHT MOMENT!


43 thoughts on “Now Is the Right Moment!

  1. Mehtab Ziauddin

    Wow!! Wonderful!!
    An amazing article just loved to go through it. Yeah, totally agree with your thoughts, procrastinating anything be it work or any venture never comes unless you dive into it at that moment itself. We just gotta jump in and face our fears and overcome them by leaps and bounds.
    Congratulations dear Sis on your first blog. Hats off to you!! You have finally done it!!

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  2. An Amazing write up , loved the word flow – took me to another world of possibilities.
    As you have said ,” Now is the Right Moment” . So lets make the maximum use of this very moment and not leave it for any other day. Kudos !!!

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  3. Farheen Assadi

    Well written…..u ve beautifully & strongly expressed ” now”….am not surprised at your achievement….i hope you come with more…in sha allah…good job…congratulations…💕….happy for you….

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  4. Pramila

    What a wonderful post about seizing the moment and doing what you love without thinking twice!
    Glad you finally dived into the blogging world 🙂

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  5. Nidha Nausheen

    Well n beautifully written bhabi👌..You are doing a good job👍…Your work is acknowledged and I really like what you are doing , keep up the good work..
    Thank you for the amazing article..
    You will find more success in sha allah

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  6. Mahevash

    So true. Alhamdulillah fantastic write up Shaheen .We can all relate to this natural human trait. Allah swt has given us the power to think and prioritize .
    Hope and pray we are able to make the right choices and stay on the right path ameen. Jazakallahukair Shaheen for this amazing blog for it has led me think why am I not already not doing what I should be doing already !

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  7. Grishma

    So true…. This is such a lovely thought on how v unintentionally do not aim to channelize our thoughts n dreams and are strangled onto our own monotonous path of livelihood …. Amazing shaheen di its now or never to take a step to the castles build by us in our hazzy world trying to figure out whether to do or to not ….. Inspiration for the aspiring minds…. Hatsoff…

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  8. Arif Khan

    Alhamdolillah, what a beautifully worded blog.. I have still to come across a better one then this to Kickstart oneself from an illusionary hibernation that one is into.. You must keep writing..

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  9. Anwar Khan

    The three letter word NOW you have explained in such a simple way for which I have no words to appreciate the same. Congratulations and hope to read many more in future.

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  10. Mohammed Ziauddin

    Perfectly summed up with on what ails us. Procrastination results from our own conjured up non existent fears. The goal should be the motivation. The present holds the key.

    Great post, Shaheen.

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  11. Jennifer Dobbins

    Wonderfully written, eloquent, and thought provoking! This article is very inspirational, and gives rise to why we wait so often! Fear is a huge contributing factor, and I pray many heed your advice to just grab the dream by the lapels!!! Loved every written utterance, dear!!! I am so glad you dove in and gave life to your dream of writing, because you have wonderful ideas! Thank you!!

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  12. Manal Soherwardy

    Wow! A remarkable piece of writing that sums up the puzzles of life, puzzles we intentionally do not wish to make whole at times. Brilliant job!

    I wish you tremendous success!

    With love, wishes and prayers,

    Manal ❤

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  13. “Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It’s something we call heart power. Once a man has made this commitment, nothing will stop him short of success.”…….
    Congrats Dear Shahin….
    May ALMIGHTY ALLAH bless you Aameen.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to go through my post. I agree that once you make a strong commitment to something and work towards that goal, inshallah success definitely follows. May Allah bless you too, Ameen!



    Indeed a very inspiring and motivational thought expressed through this article. This few words has conveyed thousands of messages.
    Heartfull of congratulations for your achievement. Really very proud of you bhabi. Your work has truly paid off. !!!! SKY IS THE LIMIT.

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  15. Sana Ahmed

    Shaheen di, its a very well written article!! Love the way you’ve stressed on “NOW” in such simple words. Its funny and true how we run from our dreams on the basis of fear. It has indeed inspired and motivated me to an extent. Good job I must say.Looking forward to many more of your inspirational write ups. Wish you all the very best for your future endeavors. May you achieve success in every step of your life. Congratulations on this achievement!

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    1. Thanks a bunch Sana for taking the time to go through. Really appreciate your awesome comment. All the best and May Allah bless you with ease, great health and everlasting happiness, Ameen!


  16. Mehreen

    Very well written Shaheen ! I remember the passion you always had for words, so glad you decided to let all of us enjoy the wonderful way you can use words to inspire and entertain . All the best dear !!

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  17. Habeeb

    Congratulations, Shaheen.
    Until you value your self, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.
    If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you will never get it done.


  18. I agree with the fact that all we have is TODAY, and that tomorrow may never come. That will certainly happen someday for each of us. However, as long as we have this day, we should treasure and try to make the most of it.
    I can say that I lost many days thinking what to do, weighting all the possibilities there, fearing to take action. But I don’t regret them. Maybe for some actions there is a right time and all you can do is to wait for that time. Every moment of our life is precious, no matter how we spend it.

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  19. Elizabeth O.

    It will always be up to us when the right moment will be and usually that’s now. I don’t believe in waiting for the perfect time because it won’t happen unless we take that one step forward to jumpstart the whole thing.

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  20. Maria Criselda Maquiling

    lemony snicketts said that if we wait until we are ready, we will end up waiting forever. I know it is scary to start when things are not perfect because we will be fodder for criticism but then again Paulo Coelho said, that in order to be successful, one must have the courage to be hated.

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  21. I feel like if you don’t do it today, then you are putting off something that can potentially be beautiful and every day that you put it off you lose something of it! This was well written and gorgeous, so you picked the right time to start. when I first started blogging I put it off for months until I finally was like, “I am doing this.”

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