A Handful of Mirth

A few simple moments.

A handful of mirth.

Sweet smelling lazy afternoons;

Playing in the dirt.

Lingering hopscotch evenings;

Striking rainbow marbles in the mud.

Crazy bath time adventures;

Blowing fragrant soapy suds.

Dreams laced in cotton candy.

Wide eyed; undying trust.

A ray of sunshine held promise such.

In swirling gold speckled dust.

Patting mud pies at sunny noon.

Braving the tan in honeyed bloom.

Neither scare, nor care for the morrow.

Innocent peals of laughter; no room for gloom.

Dimpled hands; eager scamps.

In bunched up skirts, treasures store;

Some handpicked fruit, some wind blown nuts,

Some stealthily plucked flowers; rounds off the chore.

Life swayed to an idyllic tune.

Daddy’s guitar, and mommy’s sweet croon.

Wish we could stay there forever.

With leisurely daybreaks, and a playful moon.



42 thoughts on “A Handful of Mirth

  1. Mohammed Nihal Asaadi

    This poem reminded me of a time when we didn’t have a care in the world…. It’s funny how we couldnt wait to be older when we were young and now it’s just the opposite … Keep up the good work!!!

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  2. Mehtab

    Oh My! Though I read this poem when you had first jotted down Shaheen, it gave me the same pleasure again. It brought back memories of our childhood together. Our Dad’s guitar & Mom’s sweet crooning, of our innocent games of imagination. Oh how I wish we were small
    & innocent again. Oh how I wish we could go back & redo it again.
    Loved to read the poem. It has a beautiful depth to it. Makes me very nostalgic & brings back all our wonderful memories together. Love you Sweetheart & keep writing always. You have a gift use it to the fullest. May Allah help you always in your wonderful endeavours of life.


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    1. Yes, Alhamdulillah we had such wonderful times together…..miss those days dearly. Love you dear sis May Allah bless you and all your endeavours with lots of success and happiness, Ameen!!!


  3. Afthab

    Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It’s something we call heart power. Once a man has made this commitment, nothing will stop him short of success.”…….
    Congrats Dear Shahin….
    May ALMIGHTY ALLAH bless you Aameen.


  4. Mohammed Ziauddin

    Wow! Beautiful lines for the nostalgic memories of what we all had in common in the innocent years, what seemed to be eternity at the time. Nice poem!

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  5. Mohammed Ashfaq

    Brings back memories of those days when we indulged all day in play…..Wish we could get back that kind of carefree and beautiful life even now. This poem is a true reflection of our childhood state….Keep it up…Hope to see more from you…It’s beautiful!!!

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  6. Anwar khan

    Thanks for writing remarkable poem, which reminded me of my childhood. I spent hours and hours remembering the events one by one and enjoyed the same.

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  7. Ahmed Nazeef Assadi

    Each line painted a vivid memory of my childhood. I could not help but forget my current worries and dwell in our happy memories as a child.

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  8. Elizabeth O.

    This is a lovely read! This is definitely how it feels when you encounter or choose to see the lovely side of life. The little blessings are golden.

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