The Dream Loom

Angels haul the lustrous moon from its sapphire womb;

And fairies spin sequined stars; the wondrous sky to groom.

The dreaming eye unhindered moves;

Beyond a fenced world on enlightened hooves.

At lightening speed the equilibrium shifts.

From hazy mists a new adventure lifts.

Flitting reflections of days gone past.

Fused, confused yarns; seem for ages last.

Then sweeping back the tendrils of dreamy night;

Emerges the morn in glory bright.

Like shifting shadows some stray in the light of day;

To spur a smile or frown before drowning in oblivion’s way.


54 thoughts on “The Dream Loom

  1. Farhan Honnala

    First of all I appreciate your effort. Writing some articles, or creating lovely poems is not that much easy. Really hats off n keep it up… keep writing. .

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  3. Ibrahim

    To be honest, my Kannada medium education and in my limited life span not devoting much time on reading books, I couldn’t grasp fully in the first try.

    I remember your AlWaha days, you were penning poems for school kids.

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  4. Anwar khan

    Poems generally not very easy to understand with first reading. If you read carefully then one can enjoy the beauty of it. Good arrangements of ornamentalel words and deep meanings makes your poem worth reading again and again. Keep it up…

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  5. Jennifer Dobbins

    Amazing, dear! You capture the tranquility of a restful state in such a splendid and vivid way!!! Beautiful use of language, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REMARKABLE!!!

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  6. Mehtab

    Outstanding Poem!! A fantastic word play that takes you to a fantastic world of dreams. You have beautifully depicted & captured what a mind plays in a state of rest. Hats off to you Shaheen, you pull the reader to the depths of your amazing world of words. As is rigthtly said “Writing is the painting of words” well you seem to do it with your awesome mental display. Keep it up. Can’t wait to read more…..


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