Sweet Spell of Adolescense

Under moonlit skies merry whispers bloomed;

Our thoughts and dreams in gay abandon groomed.

A smile for today; a prayer for tomorrow.

Radiant faces; untainted by deep sorrow.

A skip and a hop; careless happy feet.

A brazen wanderlust; fear didn’t dare defeat.

Beyond horizons young hopes soared.

Unfettered spirits like lions roared.

Arms stretched high like fledgling boughs;

We outreached destinies to sift and rouse.

Striking high notes to a juvenile beat;

Our robust hearts scarcely knew retreat.

We skimmed and searched for ventures bright.

No shadows dark scarred our effervescent light.

Youth was the time of gaiety and bloom.

The sweetest spell around life’s grand ballroom.


15 thoughts on “Sweet Spell of Adolescense

  1. Mehtab

    Phenomenal choice of words to describe something so beautiful “Adolescence”.
    Totally apt description of this carefree phase of life ( which I continue to be in always). Love the poem Shaheen it is Amazing as your lovely poems all are. You pull the reader & give life to their vivid imagination. Congrats sweet Sis on another hit score…..

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  2. Jennifer Dobbins

    Ahhhh…. Adolescence!! What a sweet time, and sweet memories! Hard times, too… but your poem captures the alluring magic and mysticism of being young and young-at-heart! Absolutely beautiful, and SO well-written, dear!!!!

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  3. shahin sheikh

    no shadows dark scared us, the most carefree phase of life indeed and the best..
    You have an awesome talent of recreating thoughts in the form of words..great going

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