Sisters Forever

Our first crushes, those early blushes;

We’ve shared them all in breathless rushes.

A fight, a slight, a restless night;

We sought each other for some respite.

Like berries and cream; like sleep and dream;

We blend together in a divine scheme.

Our lives entwined, and hearts aligned;

Sisters forever; we were such designed.


36 thoughts on “Sisters Forever

  1. Mehtab Ziauddin

    OMG!! So touching & sweet poem. I just loved it dear Sis every word so beautifully worded from the beginning to end filled with the sweetness of your love. I love you truly though I might not be able to pen down a beauty such as this. Congrats again for bringing joy to the reader with your honey filled words….

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  2. Farheen Assadi

    Lovely & adorable…I had too many crushes…you took me down the lane…as rhyming it crushing all round & round…just a merry

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  3. Nazima

    Such a lovely poem Shaheen’s,one of Allah’s biggest blessings on me are my elder sisters, I cherish all the good memories I have had with them.poems like these bring tears of joy.Loved it immensely.

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  4. Anwar Khan

    No doubts you have a lovable heart, creative brain , meaningful thoughts,marvelous expression and one of the best sister in the world. May Allah increase the love & affection between both the sisters…..Ameen.

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