The Oh So Reluctant Nightbird

There goes another dreamless night dragging its weary feet;

Dull, heavy wakefulness reigns the retiring sheet.

Thoughts at random chase each other; my mind’s an open door.

The taunting clock goes ticking by, cant wait to settle the score.

Watching the tireless shadow play; unwavering owlish glare.

Sleep plays truant yet again; such an adamant mare.

I curl, uncurl; I toss and turn; my hair’s a raggedy mess.

The blissful snores of those around all add to my distress.

Sheep filled pastures counted bare; all slumber tricks undone.

When morning rears its glorious head, hope sinks with the rising sun.

Then I stumble sluggish, bleary-eyed when all rested souls awake.

And pray my subdued spirits rise, the dawn’s fair tidings to partake.


I do not suffer from insomnia, but have had my fair share of sleep deprived nights. Sometimes a string of thoughts work a recurring loop around my mind maze or some barely audible night time sounds play “Let’s Holler”in my ears. And I definitely can’t sleep when I am trying really hard to grab a few winks.
I actually penned down this poem during those weary postpartum  nights when my dear little tot cried away most hours of the night. The poor bunny was colicky and even when he did fall asleep, I just couldn’t. My mind refused to adjust around the new interrupted sleep schedule. I didn’t want to get depressed or worked up about it so I took to writing which gave me a lot of comfort and kept my spirits up. I couldn’t wish for a better name for my blog too, after all, my writing spurts occur during my episodes of sleeplessness.
Hope you like this poem:)

43 thoughts on “The Oh So Reluctant Nightbird

  1. Mehtab

    Yet another beauty your sleep deprived mind has cooked up Shaheen. I must say I would love to go sleepless for some nights if even I could pen down such thoughtful, beautiful rhyming words. It is not easy for anyone to write so sweetly worded poem as you can. So Shaheen, Allah has certainly gifted you with a Beautiful mind Alhamdulillah, use it to the fullest & produce much more wonders out of it.
    I am very proud to have such an intellectual lady as my Sister & thank Allah for the same.
    Hats off to your downpour of wonderful
    words, it gives me joy just to read them again & again.
    May Allah help u always in your wonderful endeavours of life. Ameen!!
    Love you loads!!!😍😍😘😘
    P.S. Just love the image you created for it
    goes completely with your poem. It is humorous & sweet…..

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  2. Ibrahim

    If ever I go sleepless, writing that too poems would be last thing I can think of.
    Normally creative things happening at quiet moments. Time well utilized which otherwise wasted gazing blank walls
    Nice work.

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  3. Anwar khan

    People just don’t like sleepless nights and complain about the restlessness about the nightmare, but you have invested that tiredness into a beautiful poem . Hats off for the remarkable effort. It is advisable to all of us to enjoy whatever comes to us in life.

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  4. Afthab

    Bestm best…..Was waiting badly for ua poem bhabi…..Thank you soo much fo dis wonderful poem. …may Allah bless u always. Ameen

    Thanks with regards

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  5. Mahevash

    Something everyone can relate to at some point or the other. So very apt. Love it Shaheen.
    Next time I am trying to catch hold of some, hard to find sheep in my ardous attempt to slip off into oblivion I will try and recall your poem….. in fact read it and feel good about being awake.

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  6. Grishma

    Wonderfully portrayed shaheen di… I always read all your blogs and have been so bussy lately I miss on d comments… My all time favorite writing of uas is the dream loom it actually took me back to d days wen u mom meethu di used to Grove on Ricky Martin songs on Sunday afternoons….. Aunty’s Briyani… Evening home made cakes… Parle g biscuits Hhehehehe our Goa trip n lots more… I really miss those days n yes reading this poem at late hours of d day reminds me of wonderful days together although I can’t write this well I take back to memories that v cherished… Waiting for many more poems n thoughts to come…

    P.S – I would love to c u write on the 90 era episodes of life that for me was just amazing ( fan ki farmaish Hhehehehe😋🤗😘😘😘😘😘)

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  7. I just got my asthma back under control so I was having a lot of nights like this. I was feeling this until you said blissful snores. snores are not blissful. It takes everything for me not to push him put of the bed. lol

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  8. This poem made me feel so familiar! Sleeplessness has always been something I’ve struggled with at different times in my life and for different reasons. Being a mom, worry and stress about jobs, money, family…there are so many things to steal away sleep if you let them!

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  9. Farhat

    Nice poem sis…
    Glad to hv sis lyk u…
    I dnt knw hw do u match words according to feeling and situation…
    I must say
    Sleep is hard
    When ur mind is Full of thoughts or Pain…
    Best luck
    May Allah bless u

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  10. Jazz

    That picture and caption are hilarious! Love your writing style for this poem. This is me many a nights unfortunately. I think I’ll use that time to write or read instead.


  11. Really nice poem, I loved it! I used to have those sleeplees nights too, when I used to fall asleep while wtching TV, sometimes my brain wouldn’t shut off. But since I stopped watching TV before going to bed those slepless nights happened a lot less, but they still happen from time to time because, like you said, I happen to have a lot on my mind and sometimes it’s hard to ignore or calm down my brain.

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  12. Elizabeth O.

    I, myself, encounter sleepless nights where your thoughts just wouldn’t allow you to rest. This poem perfectly interprets how I feel during those nights. Thank you, you’re very creative and talented.

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  13. Beautifully written poem. I am so happy you have the courage to share them. I have only shared one poem in my life. Also, I find I cannot fall asleep at night. My mind is always over working. Once I fall asleep though, it is nearly impossible to wake me up.


  14. Shannon

    Really nice red you have here! I too suffer from bad insomnia where it seems I have to constantly fight myself for forced sleep. I don’t get much sleep either so may be the culprit but with only 5hrs of sleep per night I always wake up the next day energized.

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  15. I feel ya. Sleepless nights are so disturbing yet, it makes us do something and think about something. Or maybe, those things give us sleepless nights. My sleep pattern kinda changed since we started this blog, and it keeps on giving us a lot of ideas, yet actions are needed to be done too.

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  16. Nice poem, I have had my fair share of those sleepless nights! I do get a good night’s sleep most of the nights luckily, and I hope that your baby gives you a break soon as time goes on, this too shall pass.

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  17. Great poem and I so remember the sleepless nights of being up with my littlest. It’s been a year and baby has just now slept through the night a few night consecutively. We are so thankful for that.

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