The Fear Monster

It holds me back.

It folds me back.

My fear often goads me back.

I wonder when, and linger long.

I ponder on what might go wrong.

All my dreams, it dares to throttle.

I tell myself, “I am mere mortal”.

I wish for strength, I wish for luck.

When action calls, I choose to duck.

I like to play the waiting game.

Then all else, I seek to blame.

My spirit’s curbed; deep lines of pain.

My reflection mocks; drives me insane.

Can’t let it override my senses to flight!

Can’t let it destroy me in such clear sight!

One day I will strive to banish this demon.

This vicious bandit that seeks to steal men;

Of dreams of glory, of joys unchained;

Of strength and valour, of skills unclaimed.

I will find my voice, I will find new skies.

To claim myself; one day I will rise.

Fear is one of the most frequent visitors in our subconscious. Even if we choose to deal with it squarely or ignore it completely it still hounds us. And for those who often fall prey to it, the vicious little creep tightens his reins around their faculties to the extent that they no longer have the will to shake it off.

Our inner fear is probably the greatest hurdle to any sort of forward movement in life. It is the annoying little pesky voice in your head that says, “Don’t even think about trying for that job, you aren’t qualified enough”, “Don’t make that call, they won’t entertain the likes of you”, “Don’t even bother with that silly idea, it won’t work”. No matter what you attempt to do, it gives you hundreds of reasons why you shouldn’t and highlights how miserably you would fail if you go ahead with it.

I have realized that the more I acknowledge its presence, the easier it is for me to shrug it off. I try replacing the negations with positive assertions. If it conjures up limitations, I strengthen my belief that I have been blessed with life and the ability to do wonderful things with it. I might as well have a good go at it than hang around the periphery like a spectator and wonder what it must feel like to be a big game player.

Fear will always be an integral part of our life. We do need it to a certain extent to propel us to work harder, to be more prepared and to sharpen our instincts. But it is important to avoid falling in a perpetual trap of doubts and imagined failures.

How do you handle your inner fear?


43 thoughts on “The Fear Monster

  1. I use my inner fear to embolden me. I always think to myself “the only reason fear rises is to distract from my potential greatness”. Thus when fear rises up, I get excited because I know whatever I’m about to do has to be on the path to greatness. It’s all in your thinking.

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  2. Ibrahim

    Yes it true
    You name it, you find hundreds such victims in our neighborhood who are scared of failing. There was a young man who avoided playing cricket fearing he will get out first delivery. He wrote about his fear in a blog. One day he decided instead of getting under pressure of fear of getting out, let me face it and come out of the daily guilt of not trying and feeling helpless. Finally he determined to face the failure and came out of it
    Best defence is attack the enemy and expose his weakness. This is how Sahaba fought the wars attained shahada and won the battles

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  3. Mahevash

    Another human trait or should I say weakness portrayed excellently by you Shaheen.
    It is a part of us that can be detrimental and sometimes beneficial. An instinct in borne for survival . All your reads are such a beautiful combination of our weaknesses and strengths .
    Something that only Allah swt could have mounded into one creation.

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  4. It’s okay to have fear but if it’s overwhelming it can be a problem. There is a lot of reason why our fear becomes devastating like phobia and trauma but we have to face our fears like gradual exposure and engaging with it. We should realize that it’s okay to have fear because it triggers a fight response, which readies our bodies to take action in order to protect ourselves.

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  5. tatumskipper

    I completely agree! Fear robs people of happiness or success from a business prospective because they start to get fearful of failure. Your biggest accomplishment can be to overcome that!

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  6. Anwar khan

    It is true that fear generally deprives us of success in all parts of life. The factor of fear is closely attached to all our lives. It is unavoidable but not impossible to over come it. We have to develop inner courage to fight against it. Always try to think positve aspects of each and every things. We may be successful or not , leave it on fate to decide…. Good subject and poem is very well written…….

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  7. This hits home for me. I have pretty severe anxiety, daily and with some other things. I used to only be able to drive for short periods of time, and would NOT drive on highways, but now that I have a son, I had to push past and just do it. That was the advice everyone told me for my anxiety was to just “do things” which sounded so dumb to me. But really, it does work. Once you go through with something you’re afraid of, you feel so proud and accomplished and it’s not as big of a deal anymore.

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  8. 2014ritchie

    Fear can certainly be paralyzing. I have found it much easier to manage with age and experience. I have learned I am stronger than I sometimes think.

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  9. My inner fear gets to me constantly! I typically push everything out of my head and then just as I’m dropping off to sleep it all crowds back. I try to work through every fear and break down how I’m going to handle the situation and what I could have done to avoid it in the first place. Usually the things I am afraid of are simply not that bad in the light of day!

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  10. New Labels Only

    Love the poem and this article is well writen. Fear can also impact you education too. I have read a comment about fear affecting business, but it also affects your education especially if you are not the best at revising

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  11. fear is inseparable part of our life, everyone is afraid of something different and in a different way. We need fear in our life, I don’t know if you’ve seen “Inside Out”? It explains it simply and perfectly 😉

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  12. thecoffeemom0617

    This was great. I for one, have a fear of change and new things, like starting a new job with people I don’t know. Mainly because I fear failing and looking foolish. I had to learn to use that fear to motivate myself to do a better job and work harder.

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  13. I was in that state years back, and I realized that if I won’t fight back on those fears, I will be stucked in the dungeon of darkerness forever.

    Always think positive even if you can’t. Because if you are always positive, you can easily get assistance.



  14. toastycritic

    This is a great poem on fear. I think that there is just something so insidious about fear that it creeps into all of our decision making without even thinking about it. It stops us from being the people we were meant to be. When we worry about others we never do a good job focusing on the things we should be doing.

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  15. bettybrico

    As someone living with PTSD, I can really relate to the poem. I handle my fear in various ways. Often through dissociation, because my trauma was severe.

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  16. Elizabeth O.

    It’s really important to know how to conquer your fears because it will end up haunting you and ruining your plans for the future. It’s definitely going to crowd your mind especially if you’re going to try something for the first time.

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  17. Rosey Everyday

    Great post! Fear is indeed hindering to us achieving many things. I too sometimes have to stop myself from overthinking and just go do t. That’s how I deal with my fear.

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  18. Mehtab

    Hats off Dear Sis for such a heart rendering poem & a wonderfully, well scripted article. I am totally amazed & dumbstruck at how you bring about those aspects of human nature into the open so aptly & beautifully. The poem itself has been portrayed so beautifully, though it is of a trait which everyone succumbs too. But nevertheless “fear” is essential too.
    I have reason to support this trait which if we did not have, we will never work to overcome it. Due to fear we will work harder & strive to achieve success in those areas where it resides like a monster.
    So I conclude with just one thing “We need to have fear but of God the other fears are just hurdles which we all need to cross if we need to achieve our goals successfully. Fight your fears with courage you will surely come out a winner.
    Fantastic Article beautifully articulated, you are a winner all along coz you courageously fought your fears & started this wonderful blogging site which you were very sceptical about. So my dear Sis your fear forced you to come out & shine….

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  19. Ruth I.

    I honestly have fear of rejection. I almost do everything for some people just to not experience it. How I handle it? I really don’t know. I often cry and get depressed, isolate myself when I feel that. I love your poem!

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  20. 1stclassrvadventures

    What a great article ! I totally agree that fear is one of the most frequent visitors we have in our subconscious! Ty for your insight

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