It’s Not Always Dark

It’s not always dark.

From dull, earthen breast,

Rise sweet songs of the skylark.

It’s never always pale and withering.

In cold, dead winter’s bosom,

Beats the heart of spring.

It’s not always so stark.

Wildflower blooms do blushingly brighten

The fallen and forgotten old tree bark.

So much to achieve even at life’s rim.

Feverishly hungry flames still burn,

In lantern’s long past brim.

Life’s too short to lose that spark.

Just a spot of sun after the rain

Brings forth the rainbow’s arc.

You can always make a new start.

Chaste, humble morns after a dark stormy night

Are all part of nature’s spectacular art.


I wanted this poem to be about hope and the silver lining that we are constantly looking for while under a dark cloud. When things don’t go our way, or circumstances lead us to a dark place, we sometimes tend to fret about our luck. Everything seems bleak and  we just can’t see the light. We feel helpless and overwhelmed by our state of affairs.

The worst storms sometimes however carry the greatest blessings. Just because we don’t see the light, doesn’t mean it’s not there. If things aren’t going the way we planned them, doesn’t mean they are not working in our favour. The fact that we can’t see the bigger picture provides me with the greatest relief because I know my limited vision cannot perceive how bright the future really is. Our creator witholds something at times perhaps to offer it to us at a more opportune time in the future, or He gives us something better instead.

The fact that we are blessed with the ability to trudge on in the face of adversities is evidence enough that we are heading towards refuge and comfort. We were born to survive and stand the test of time. If we take the time to look around and immerse ourselves in the natural world, we might get better attuned to the way life works. There is healing and comfort close at hand and light will eventually dawn over darkness. Nothing stays the same and as do the seasons, our time shall change too. Spells of joy, sorrow, comfort, abundance, scarcity and contentment will chase each other throughout our transient life on this planet, but faith and hope will keep us going stronger than anything else.

What gives you hope? Do you have a hope inspiring anecdote to share?


26 thoughts on “It’s Not Always Dark

  1. Ibrahim

    Yes definitely hope of achieving aakhira is sole aim, the great companions prayed to achieve martyrdom in each every encounter
    Then when Almighty asked them in heaven do they seek anything more, they said yes send them back to sacrifice once again to achieve shahaada
    People grab the rope to live no matter how tough it is with only hope to achieve that.

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  2. Honestly. My life is not dark. I am always hopeful. There are times of unfortunate events that occur and disappointment, but I don’t let those things get me down for very long, if at all. I always see the bright side of things!

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  3. I really, really needed to see this today. It’s been less than a year since I found myself quite suddenly the single mother of two – long before I would have ever been ready to make that transition. I’m doing it, slowly but surely, bit by bit – but it’s hard, and discouragement comes in waves.

    Thank you for sharing this.

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  4. This is so true, there is always a bright side even though sometimes it may be hard to see. There is always hope no matter how dark things may seem and for me that hope is always found in my family. Your poem is beautiful!


  5. Anwar khan

    Yes I fully agree with you. We should always take everything in positve way. Problems,obstacles,misfortunes come on the way of life, but we must be hopeful and think that these aspects are just like a passing showers and a bright lights, Happy news Will certainly come after this. ..good subject and very well written.

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  6. The thing that gives me hope is the life I want for my son. When I’m faced with adversity and want to give up, I press on because I have a vision for him that will not be realized if I give up.

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  7. Elizabeth O.

    That poem is full of hope, without a doubt. We are often scared of the future and what it holds. But hope is always there to calm our mind and make us see the better part of it.

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  8. karinarachael

    My hope is in The Lord. I have a relationship with God where I go where He leads. As tough as it is to trust at times, there is tremendous security in it because I feel wherever I am is because I have to be there. There is a purpose in everything. Whether it’s for my life or someone else’s – my life has purpose. This comforts me during tough times. Knowing pain helps us to relate, experience, and understand others is enough of a reason for me to go through tough times too. That’s just my two cents on why I stay hopeful in spite of dark situations.

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  9. I think that hearing other people’s stories give me hope. There are some incredible stories out there and a lot of times I find that they inspire me. Even fictional stories give me hope as they can express true feelings and experiences too.

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  10. Mehtab

    Another Beauty!! Loved the poem & the post is Amazing.
    We all need that little nudge from someone when we are totally deflated & our future looks bleak to us. God is our forever hope but we forget that & at times lose hope but it is so surprising that He sends someone as a hope & light to us in those depressing moments, it is a wonder in itself.
    Lovely post, very aptly described hope & how to never lose it but try to hold on to the the beautiful side of it by having enough patience.
    Good job at portraying the importance of another tough characteristic of a human being.

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