Something For All


Something simmers,

In a world that glimmers.

A waiting mob;

A broken sob.

Hopes that sink;

All in a blink.

Tears dry;

We cannot cry.

All those lies;

Severed ties.

Hearts of gold,

Driven cold.

This land’s so new;

Nothing’s quite true.

Yet somethings endure,

And promise to stay pure.

A smile that flickers,

Despite the nasty snickers.

A sense of life,

Through every strife.

A spirit that mends,

At every bend.

An honest will;

Sturdy still.

Sweet prayers that stall;

The fall of all.

And faith that steers

The faint-hearted  to cheers.


‘Something For All’, is an attempt to capture what little I understand from one of life’s innumerable lessons. It’s about the mixed platter that life is. All magical and unique elements tossed together at random; the pleasant, the not so pleasant; a little sweet, a little sour; the pain and the soothing comfort; each bite extraordinary with its own nuance to add a flavorful punch to this ever so busy mad, mad infusion of our existence. Can’t help the food flavoured language, I just got back from my vacation in India; the perfect gastronomical dream destination for every foodie.

So somewhere in between succulent morsels of spiced up goodies and meeting the equally amazing people from my incredible home country, I got a slight whiff of what mortal contentment is all about. It’s not about finding perfection in an imperfect world, it’s about finding pockets of endearing comfort and joy that dot our journey through life. It’s about accepting with compassion all people and all places the way they are.

We aren’t all tailor-made to suit each other’s palate and neither is life cut out to fit our desired shape. But when we acquiesce to what comes our way and make the most of it, we can truly find pleasure and make each moment memorable.

The pursuit of happiness isn’t one I fancy too much because it’s rather fleeting. I feel contentment is more lasting and being grateful for every moment keeps one content in all situations. If I expect life and people to be perfect, I’d be fooling myself. If I insist that there’s only positive energy and I will always flash my flag of positivity then again I’m only cooking up a dream that has no place in a real world.

There’s a lot of good here, some bad and some downright obnoxious stuff all plated together. You can’t just ignore the things you don’t like. Any disassociation from the unappetising elements creates greater discord and breaks the harmony of life. Acceptance doesn’t imply that we shouldn’t work toward improvement or positive change. I feel everyone and everything undergoes slow reform but we can’t change people, systems or situations through alienation or downright aggression. Change requires consistent kind effort and gradual coercion and it definitely happens. It’s a slow process, one that is a little difficult to fully appreciate in this new world of instant everything but it’s something that has endured and probably will pull our generation and the ones that follow through all trying times. No Utopian ideals here just what my observation tells me. There’s hope in every quarter and it will enlighten the way to a more fruitful life.


Hopefully we will all gradually learn to live with greater tolerance, compassion and harmony and embrace life with all its oddities.

Any thoughts on my poem, the write-up or what you have learned from your observations through life are welcome. Your opinions really matter and add to my understanding.


30 thoughts on “Something For All

  1. Mehtab Ziauddin

    Nice write up. Your observations are great, quite a mixed platter, I must say.
    We do come across a lot of people who teach us a new facet of life, something we never knew which is far more beautiful than we could imagine. Having been a frog in a well hardly knew the truth & beauty of life until I came across these wonderful people who showed me the brighter & positive side of life. To be happy & grateful in life one must always stay away from negativity of any kind only then a person can attain the inner peace or tranquillity & spiritual satisfaction that he is yearning for.

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  2. Jen Walker

    This is such a beautifully written poem. While it can sometimes to difficult to have people so different from ourselves enter our lives, I have found that their presence is still a gift as we can all learn something from them.

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  3. Anwar khan

    Very difficult subject but you have written in a simple way. No doubt we have to accept whatever comes to us in life, but we should try to change it which suits us in positve and good manner and march forward. Enjoy the best things given to us by Allah with thanks and not brood over & over about the past unpleasant things that have happened in our life.
    We should learn from life and should not expect every one to follow our way of thinking . Hope to get from you many more poems so that we all can make our lives more pleasant .

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  4. Ibrahim

    Eid holidays avail some leisure & luxury to gain, I just heard Dr B M Hegde regarding modern medicine and how innocent public trapped and labelled as sick.
    He says be always positive
    Be humble
    Speak truth
    And don’t lie as it adds lot of stress
    Help others
    One simple example he gave
    A patient injected with no 1 pain killer Morphin but dr told him it is vitamin dose, his pain didn’t subside
    Same patient later injected saline water but dr told patient that it is Morphin
    Pain relieved instantly because the moment patient’s brain started producing pain relieving supplements
    So it is our own immune system that protects us not the chemical over dose that modern medicine.
    There are books Dimensia a man inflicted crime on mankind explains how chemicals in modern medicine harmful to human body
    Yes you are right we need to be positive always, humble and truthful

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  5. I agree with you that the world is a panoply of emotions and people in it. Which makes for quite a unique experience at all times. Sad and happy, tender and bitter, all rolled into one. Crazy world we live in but beautiful too.

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  6. These are great points to make a greater place for everyone to live in harmony with others. The world is not perfect and we humans are definitely not perfect. We just need to accept that everybody has flaws and we can strive to improve our imperfections and make things better.

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  7. Change is inly the constant thing keeps.on happening in our life (no matter how big and small), and as a human we have to learn to welcome that change and be resilient. Its a good thing, we can experience many things, which makes life more beautiful.


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