Sunset at the Pier

Sunset at the Pier: 40 × 50 Acrylic Painting ( Artsherpa Tutorial)

When the sun spills forth on the water’s edge;

Like liquid gold beyond its ledge.

A humbled heart gasps at this wondrous sight;

Of warmth caressing the sea with brilliance and light.


I know not where these birds they fly;

They make me wonder; they make me sigh.

Then wishing for wings all feathered bright;

My spirit soars like a dazzling kite.


Of weathered wood, an idle pier;

Into the warmth, it draws me near.

To dream away into the distant high;

Beckons me on, this painted sky.


Such sparkling hues; melting orange and blushing rose.

Can nature ever be captured in simple prose?

A prayer, a hymn, an ode to revere;

All praise to the Lord for these blessings so dear.


25 thoughts on “Sunset at the Pier

  1. Anwar khan

    Both painting and poem are perfectly matched. It is difficult to judge the original. Anyway it is a fine painting and superb poem . Keep both your hobbies running together and enlighten us regularly.

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