The Gift of Nature

When nature dons its emerald best;

And glints at gold on mornings blessed.

Sweet crafters weave their humble bodes;

And praise the lord in enchanting odes.


From fiery blazing autumn lights;

To twinkling silver winter nights.

Each season leaves a lustrous trail,

Of beauty waiting to unveil.


To wean the mind of blistering thoughts;

A cheerful sight of forget-me-nots.

To heal the tender aching heart;

Nature gently plays the part.


When sparkling tides rush to reveal

The  glories of the sea.

Then spellbound hearts learn to feel;

The world as it should be.


Such treasures laid bare; precious rare.

All generous gifts; from a Lord so fair.

I wish we’d ponder; I wish we’d care.

A lifetime to seek; so much to share.


There is a bountiful treasure trove at our disposal, so much to delve into, so much to receive and yet sometimes we barely acknowledge the very existence of it.   In rare enlightening moments we do step out of our urban maze and roam free into the light and magic of our natural surroundings; but then soon we tend to lose ourselves again into the endless haste and waste inspired lifestyle of this metropolitan era.

When the wear and tear of this vicious chase for all things material starts glaring back in our face, we realise how poorly we’ve cared for our mental and physical health. We then switch on our mindset to damage control mode and seek ways to enhance our quality of life and yet the avenues we choose are the very same that led to our gradual decline. Whether its medicine or distraction on a sabbatical we choose the very best that the concrete jungle has to offer. Isn’t it rather ironical that healing lies within our reach just beyond our confined lives,  in the boundless outdoors, yet that is the one place we fail to explore.


A step out in the open air, the grass under our feet, the trees looming high and a vivid blooming sky is probably all that one needs. Nature in its very essence has healing, comfort and wisdom so deep and enlightening that it does seem strange that we do not always revert to its calming energy in all times of unease. Sometimes all it takes to unwind and relax is a reflective walk down a green space. Soaking up the sights and sounds of the natural world provides our mind and body with the positive stimulus that it requires.

Nature instils in us a deeper understanding of life. When we observe animals, birds and insects in their natural habitat, we learn lessons in compassion, love, perseverance and patience. Somehow watching how the elements flow in harmony and how the cycle of growth renews itself over and over again gives us a better perspective of our own struggles and challenges and revives our hopes and dreams.

Treat yourself to a nature trek, plan a visit to a wildlife sanctuary, put hiking, camping and picnics in the park on your Things to do each month list. Make family outings more adventurous and ones that provide opportunities that allow you and your kids to get reacquainted with nature and kindles the joy of exploration.


There is a sense of isolation that shadows our crowded lives but one can really find a deeper sense of belonging when we connect with nature. It helps us realise how we are all woven together beautifully in this universe and how blessed we are to play our part in it.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the poem and the post. Do feel free to share if you have anything to add to it. Meanwhile take some time off to immerse yourselves into the natural world. Connect to your beautiful world and find your beautiful place in the universe.